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Slavery in Brazil / Eduardo Martino / Documentography.<br />
Barras in the state of Piaui is one the towns from where many workers leave to take their chances in other regions, typically in the state of Para. They are extremely poor and find no options locally. Jose Rodrigo de Souza Neto (37) has been recently rescued by the Grupo Movel under slavery conditions in a sugar-cane farm in Araraquara, Sao Paulo state. He and other 46 workers were enticed by a gato in Barras who organised a bus to take the workers to Sao Paulo. Before this case, Jose had been previously rescued by the Federal Police in a farm in Para, where he first went when he was around 16 years old. "from now on I will only leave home to take registered employment; no point in going to these places and find working conditions different than promised and get stuck there without money".