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In 1916 the Hershey Chocolate Corporation of Pennsylvania purchased large tracts of land and built a sugar mill 45 km east of Havana, about halfway between the capital and Matanzas. To transport its produce to nearby ports and its workers to adjacent towns, it built a network of 135 km of electric railways. Electric passenger service between Matanzas and "Central Hershey" (the sugar mill) began in1922 and was extended to Casablanca, across the bay from Havana. In 1960 the Hershey Cuban Railway became the Camilo Cienfuegos Division of Ferrocarriles de Cuba. Due to a declining sugar market the Hershey sugar mill closed in July 2002, after 86 years of operation. .Cuba.Photo: Eduardo Martino - between 21.05 and 05.06.2007