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Slavery in Brazil / Eduardo Martino / Documentography.The owner of a bar and grocery store in Acailandia. At the corner of his bar he keeps what he calls a community radio. Above his bar's ceiling there is a loudspeaker and the reach of his radio is how far people can hear the noisy sound of his old speaker. He says their main goal is to communicate to people the community's affairs, but it's well known locally that the radio is mostly used and supported by the 'gatos' (cats - due to their propensity to land on their feet), who use the 'radio' to recruit labourers to work in faraway farms for little or no pay. Due to widespread unemployment and poverty, many workers risk their lives and freedom to take work in neighbouring states on farms that use unfree labour. This form of modern-day slavery is implicated most often via a fraudulent debt, used as an excuse to keep workers in the farm while they owe money to the farmer. They are forced to buy everything, from tools to food, from the farmer's shop, at inflated prices. The debt is never cleared and the workers are effectively trapped.