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UBPC Vivero Organoponico Alamar.This area was a Havana satellite city. The land was allocated to be used for a sports centre when the 1989 crash took place. It was then turned into a cooperative. In 1997 there were only 4 people in the group. Today they are 146 people working in 5 wage categories and 3 organisational categories. The lowest wage is 350 pesos / month, the highest 600 pesos / month, but this is the fixed anticipated wage, because every 15 days they distribute the profits amongst the members. They work 40 hours / week and 80% of the production is sold by their own shop within the premises. They do up to 8 crop rotations / year, producing 400 ton / year in an area of 3,7 hectares + an extra 6 hectares being developed. .Cuba.Photo: Eduardo Martino - between 21.05 and 05.06.2007